For students with complex, profound and multiple learning difficulties to:

  • show understanding of what they have been engaged in

  • attend

  • develop early thinking skills

  • evaluate their experiences

The prerequisite skills to learning are essential to the learning process.Practitioners are supporting students to develop intentionality

ntentionality is likely to be crucial for developing intentional communication as, until you realise you can affect the environment (intentionality), you are not going to realise you can specifically affect the behaviour of people in the environment (intentional communication)". (Goldbart, 1994, p.20)

Effective practice ensures:

  • Consistency of the interactive approach across familiar adults

  • Students are given structured opportunities to anticipate (sensory stimulus; objects; within stories/drama) - repetition with variety

  • Use of low and high tech equipment

  • Through appropriate access students have multiple opportunities to develop cause and effect

  • Communication systems that develop both receptive and expressive skills

  • Teachers share the learning intention with the students

  • Student motivators / sensory preferences are used to support engagement and attention

  • Attribute meaning to student responses

  • Allowing appropriate processing time

  • Students are expected to evaluate their own learning (like / dislike)

  • Use of student portfolios /e-portfolios to enable students to record and share their learning