The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) 2007 states its principal function as being, 'to set the direction for student learning and to provide guidance for schools as they design and review their curriculum'. (page 6). The document also refers the the NZC 2007 as being,' a curriculum that sets out what we want students to know and to be able to do'. (page 4). Planning consideration also reflects the NZC Inclusion principle that, 'curriculum design should recognise that, as all students are individuals, their learning may call for different approaches, different resourcing, and different goals'. (page 39). To this end the inclusion of the Universal Design for Learning framework is central to ensuring access participation and progress for all learners.

This sections provides:
to set the direction for learning and curriculum design for this group of learners. 

 At the centre of curriculum planning is:
Data gathered from the previous steps of Know, Engage and Assess are integral to and used to inform planning. Assessment is recognised as being an ongoing process and not separate from curriculum planning.  

The curriculum can be best described as planning a broad, balanced and relevant range of sensory based learning experiences to assist students to achieve their learning goals, make progress and celebrate achievement. 

Each of the links below have additional documentation to support a sensory approach to the curriculum.