The Sensory Learning NZ website is the home of the Sensory Learning Toolkit (SLTNZ). The SLTNZ has been designed primarily for practitioners of students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). We have researched, tried and tested tools to gather data and approaches to learning that are suitable and relevant to this group of students. Tools that show the very small and often subtle changes in student behaviour that show learning and how they learn. At the heart of the SLTNZ is the belief that 'everyone is learner', starting from a base of 'presuming competence' and celebrating achievements.
The overriding framework and approach however can be used with higher functioning students of all ages. The tools used to gather data will change but the process will be the same.

Who are our students with PMLD?
Students with PMLD will have complex learning needs. In addition to a profound intellectual disability they will have other significant difficulties, such as a physical disability, sensory impairment or severe medical needs.

What is the Sensory Learning Toolkit NZ?
The  Sensory Learning Toolkit NZ:
  • Has an overriding framework called Know, Engage, Assess, Plan The framework connects the toolkit together with four interdependent  and interrelated components of Know, Engage, Assess and Plan .  These components guide you through not only getting to know your students but on what and and how they learn best. 
  • Supports the delivery of a sensory approach to the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC)For learners with PMLD, who are predominantly learning at the early stages of intellectual development, the senses represent the main focus of their learning. A sensory approach enables them to extend their understanding, use and control of their senses and allows them to explore their environment, how they interact with it and with others around them.
  • Includes an accompanying set of relevant tools to assist with gathering data on student engagement, cognitive ability, learning pathways, progress and planning next learning steps.  

 The SLTNZ takes a holistic view of learning by focusing on:
  • the importance of knowing your student and understanding their needs
  • what engages students, acknowledges their different abilities, interests and how they learn. 
  •  the importance of appropriate tools to assess a student’s cognitive level of functioning. 
  • importance of recognising preferred sensory and learning needs and means of processing information.  
  • using the information gained from this process to support practitioners to plan a learning programme within the framework of Universal Design for Learning, suitable to the student’s needs and ability. 
  • providing an ever-growing bank of sensory resources and ideas
How to use the toolkit and website
Information and support materials on each step can be accessed by clicking on each page link on the left hand side. For example, after you have read ENGAGE, ASSESS, PLAN click on KNOW THE STUDENT, this is the first STEP you will need to complete with a student. There are tools and guidance materials to support you to do this. 

On each page link you will find:
  • information on the content of each page
  •  files and materials to download 
  • an option to comment or ask a question. Feedback on this resource would be positively received.
For more information please contact: info@clickspecialednz.com