Food Glorious Food is a thematic unit plan which uses the content of the  New Zealand Curriculum to guide the focused learning experiences for students with PMLD and complex needs.

It is primarily sensory based but acknowledges each learner at their level throughout this thematic unit. It  provides the context for students to work on their individualised learning intentions. Learning intentions for this group of learners are not task focused but more generic. Each learning context gives them the opportunity to practice and demonstrate their learning.

Some students and schools may have a Key Competency focus. The Key Competency Pathway provides a pathway for tracking  progress across all competencies.  The focus will therefore be directed by the student and the school as outlined below.

It is also an excellent opportunity to gather data on student engagement using the Happiness Audit or other suitable tools for this purpose.

julie king,
Jun 30, 2015, 10:18 PM